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Neighborhood Profile


Every neighborhood in St. Paul is unique in its own way, but also shares many things in common with the greater St. Paul community.  Summit Hill is no exception!

Here are some interesting facts about the Summit Hill neighborhood and its residents.



With 6839 residents as of 2015, according to the US Census Bureau, we account for 2.3% of the overall St. Paul population. Summit Hill’s gender mix is comparable, but skews slightly older:


With 3358 households, Summit Hill comprises 3.0% of the total number in St. Paul. Households are smaller in Summit Hill compared to St. Paul, averaging 2.0 members vs. 2.6 for the city as a whole.


Summit Hill residents are well-educated.  For residents aged 25 and older, educational attainment shows that over two-thirds have college or graduate/professional degrees:


Summit Hill household incomes are higher, overall, than for St. Paul in general, but fall solidly in the range of middle class for Minnesota. In 2015, the Pew Charitable Trust found that Minnesota’s median household income was $60,702, with middle class defined as $40,468 to $121,404.


Housing and Density


Summit Hill’s 3493 total housing units comprise 2.9% of those in St. Paul, overall. The neighborhood is almost evenly split between renter- and owner-occupied housing, as is St. Paul as a whole:


Although Summit Hill is known for its magnificent historic homes, the proportion of single-family homes is surprisingly lower, at just one-third of all housing, both compared to multi-family housing within the neighborhood, and to St. Paul as a whole:


Not surprising, given its historic heritage, Summit Hill has older housing stock compared to St. Paul overall:


Summit Hill’s well-maintained, historic housing stock adds value to the City not only in terms of highlighting its heritage and attracting visitors, but also in contributing to its coffers through higher property taxes.  According to the Ramsey County Assessor’s Office, Summit Hill property taxes (exclusive of assessments) accounted for 4.5% of the St. Paul total in 2016—almost double on a per capita basis:


With the City’s emphasis on creating greater density as a means to increase its property tax base, Summit Hill already has one of the highest levels of density in St. Paul at 8541 people per square mile vs. 5640 for the city as a whole—51% higher.  Only three other neighborhoods have higher density—Summit-University (9762), Frogtown Thomas/Dale (8735) and Mac-Groveland (8675).