SHA Board & Staff


The Summit Hill Association District 16 Planning Council is part of the larger Saint Paul Planning Council system, serving as a liaison between the neighborhood and the various City departments and entities.

In order to effectively serve our neighborhood and fulfill our mission, it is critical that we have a Board of Directors who are willing and able to take an active, hands-on, forward-thinking role in not only understanding the needs of our constituents and reflecting them in our policies and activities, but also in making sure they are implemented successfully and thoughtfully.  For that reason, each Board member is required to sit on at least one of our standing committees.

SHA’s all-volunteer Board of Directors is made up of 21 members.  Each year, one third of the Board members are elected, and are eligible to run for up to two consecutive three-year terms.   Also, one of our Board members is an official representative of the Grand Avenue Business Association (GABA); one of our Board members also sits on the GABA board.

The Board of Directors and staff are governed by our Bylaws and Policies.

The Board is supported in its efforts by a full-time executive director, who is located in our office at the Linwood Recreation Center.


Our Board

Executive Committee:

Andy Rorvig (President)
Hayden Howland (Vice President and Chair, Development Committee)
Amanda Karls (Secretary and City Government Liaison)
Andrew Gesell (Treasurer)
Lori Brostrom (Chair, Zoning and Land Use Committee)

Board Members:

Andy Rorvig (President)
Bridget Alan Ales (Chair, Pedestrian Safety and Traffic Calming Committee)
Ellen Eichten
Liz Gibba
Michael Hartoonian
Gary Huffman (GABA Representative)
David Kratz
Nancy Maas
Sonja Mason
Pat McMorrow
Shannon O’Toole (Chair, Neighborhood Comprehensive Plan Committee)
Peter Rhoades
Susan Schultze (Chair, Environment and Beautification Committee)
Anthony Switchtenberg
David Washington

Executive Director:

Monica Haas


The SHA Board of Directors meets monthly (except December) on the second Thursday at 7 pm at the Linwood Recreation Center.  All SHA members (persons age 16 and over residing in District 16; persons owning real property in District 16; and owners or designated representatives of each business located in District 16) are welcome to attend as non-voting guests.

To learn more about becoming a Board Member, please go to "Become a Board Member" for more information and an application.