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The Summit Hill Association


The Summit Hill Association District 16 Planning Council represents all those who live, own property or own a business in District 16. We are a Minnesota non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that is governed by an all-volunteer board of directors comprising homeowners, renters and local business owners.

As a District Planning Council, District 16 is part of the larger Saint Paul Planning Council system that serves as a liaison between the neighborhood and the various City departments and entities. To learn more about the District Council system in the City of St. Paul, visit the City’s website.

As one of the oldest, most visited—and welcoming—areas in Saint Paul, the Summit Hill neighborhood is a regional and local treasure of history, architecture, distinctive pedestrian-oriented shopping and dining experiences, and strong community connections. The neighborhood’s Victorian-era housing stock, which is recognized nationally for its quantity, quality and diversity, continues to be restored and lovingly preserved.


Mission & Goals

Our mission is to enhance the quality of life in our neighborhood through a wide range of community projects and programs. We strive to be a resource to District 16 by working toward the following goals:

  • To promote effective communication within the district and between the district and City of St. Paul departments
  • To respond to ongoing zoning and land use issues
  • To facilitate citizen participation in community affairs
  • To encourage environmental stewardship within the district
  • To increase crime prevention activities within the district
  • To enhance the quality of life within the district
  • To address business concerns and business impact in the district


Summit Hill Map

Summit Hill/District 16 is bounded by Summit Avenue and Ramsey Street on the north, Interstate 35E on the south & east and Ayd Mill Road on the west.