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Crime Prevention

Crime levels in the Summit Hill neighborhood are among the lowest in the City of St. Paul. However, it is not something that is taken for granted by the Summit Hill Association, and we have a close relationship with the St. Paul Police Department’s Western District to monitor crime-related activity in District 16. We also work together to address specific issues and sponsor education and input sessions throughout the year, working and communicating with our Block Club Leaders to ensure that the Summit Hill neighborhood remains a safe and welcoming community for its residents, businesses and visitors.


Reporting Suspicious Activity and Crime

If you see suspicious activity or a crime in progress:

  • Call the St. Paul police at 911 (emergency) or 651-291-1111 (non-emergency)
  • Call the St. Paul Police Department, Western District at 292-5512 to file a report if the police did not come out to the scene of a crime
  • Contact your Block or Building Club Leader so that they can inform others in your area and report to the Summit Hill Association

For quicker police response, provide accurate details such as:

  • The exact location of the occurrence:  street, cross streets, house number, garage, alley, yard, etc.
  • A description of the person(s) suspected of the crime or suspicious activity:  race (if apparent), skin tone, hair color and length, height, other distinguishing features (scars, tattoos), type of clothing worn, direction the person/s were heading
  • A vehicle description:  make, type and year of vehicle, color, license number, any distinguishing features (dents, decals, bumper stickers)

Note that when the police receive vague descriptions, they may not respond quickly, since the chances of apprehending the culprit(s) are often low with vague information. Be as specific as you can when reporting crimes or suspicious circumstances.

Important phone numbers:

                  Police Emergency: 911

                  Police Non-Emergency: 651-291-1111

                  St. Paul Police Department Western District: 651-292-5512

                  St. Paul Police Vehicle Impound Lot: 651-292-6005

You can also track weekly crime reports in Summit Hill District 16 online at

You’ll note that the reports include Proactive Police Visits, which are officer-initiated opportunities to engage the community by visiting with citizens and/or businesses.  PPVs are not responses to 911 calls for service. Community Engagement Events are outreach opportunities developed through the Saint Paul Police Department Community Engagement Unit.