Neighborhood Plan Update...

Updating Our Neighborhood Comprehensive Plan

Our Neighborhood Comprehensive Plan (“Plan”) is a part of the City of St. Paul’s Comprehensive Plan and it directs all aspects of the Summit Hill Association’s work as the district planning council for this neighborhood.  Our Plan also informs all decisions the City makes about development and activities in our neighborhood. You can review the current plan, approved by the St. Paul City Council in 2006, to see what was recommended after an extensive community input process.

Our Plan needs to be updated and revised every 10 years.  SHA convened a committee to bring the neighborhood together to review and update our Plan.  The committee meets monthly at the Linwood Recreation Center; please see the calendar on this website for future scheduled meetings. 

The first step in bringing neighborhood participation to the process of updating our Plan was an online survey which ended February 28, 2018.  It was open to all who live in, or own property or a business in the neighborhood.

After we compile and analyze the results of the survey, we may do a follow up survey, and begin focus groups.  We want everyone who lives and owns property and businesses in District 16 to participate in the survey, focus groups and additional activities that will be occurring.  The best way to stay informed is to be on the SHA email list.  Please add your name to that list here!

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