Summit Hill Association Mayoral Questionnaire

The Summit Hill Association (SHA) had a mayoral candidate forum on September 26th and over the two hours, many questions were asked and answered. However, most of the questions were more city-wide in their focus. In order to gain a better understanding of candidates’ positions on issues more specific to Summit Hill, and how they would address them if elected mayor, SHA sent all candidates for whom we had an email address a questionnaire and asked them to respond. Questions asked were as follows:

  1. What do you see as the value of the Summit Hill Neighborhood with respect to the larger City of Saint Paul?
  2. Traffic and pedestrian safety have become bigger issues in the Summit Hill neighborhood, particularly along Grand and Lexington Avenues and their various intersections. What would you do, as mayor, to address these issues?
  3. According to a recent study by the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs, the Summit Hill neighborhood leads the City in property tax rates. What would you do to ensure that our tax dollars are spent wisely and tax increases are curbed?
  4. Mayor Coleman proposed the addition of parking meters along Grand Avenue, which he later withdrew. Would you propose a similar initiative? Why or why not?
  5. What would you do to ensure that small businesses on Grand Avenue are able to thrive and prosper?
  6. According to census data Summit Hill is already one of the densest areas of the city. This is due in part to the fact that approximately half of our housing stock is multi-family. We also have access to buses, bike lanes, and walkable businesses. Other parts of the city lack those amenities and have considerably lower density levels. As mayor, how would you prioritize development to raise the standard of living in parts of the city that need it without compromising the standard of living in others?
  7. As mayor, what would you do to ensure that the City Council, Planning Commission and BZA uphold the requirements of the zoning code and follow the legal requirements for variances to ensure that the law is applied equitably?
  8. What, if anything, would you do to ensure that the Summit Hill neighborhood is not vulnerable to unnecessary teardowns of historic homes, and development that is not consistent with the predominant aesthetic of existing housing and commercial building stock? What would you do to assist property owners in finding resources to preserve historic architecture?
  9. Affordable housing is an issue in Saint Paul. What would you do to ensure that existing affordable housing stock is preserved in the Summit Hill neighborhood?
  10. There have been some rumors in the past year that the City is questioning the value and existence of district councils. Do you believe there is value in the district council system and will you preserve it?

We sent the surveys to the following candidates–just click on their names to see a copy of their responses. When you click on an individual questionnaire, make sure to click on the image of the PDF to make it larger.

Mayoral Candidate 2017 Questionnaire – Sharon Anderson
Mayoral Candidate 2017 Questionnaire – Melvin Carter
Mayoral Candidate 2017 Questionnaire – Trahern Crews
Mayoral Candidate 2017 Questionnaire – Elizabeth Dickinson
Mayoral Candidate 2017 Questionnaire – Tom Goldstein
Mayoral Candidate 2017 Questionnaire – Pat Harris
Tim Holden
Dai Thao

* We were unable to find contact information for mayoral candidate Barnabas Joshua Y’Shua