Coordinated Trash Collection

Urgent!  Coordinated Trash Collection City Council Vote 7/19

The Summit Hill Association (SHA) received notice late in the day on 7/10 that the City of St. Paul Department of Public Works reached an agreement with the consortium of current St. Paul independent trash haulers regarding the coordinated trash collection plan that has been in the works for over a year. But, we were unpleasantly surprised to find that this would go to the City Council for a vote less than 10 days later, on Wednesday, 7/19.


We immediately protested the very abbreviated timeline for consideration and, more important, public comment and input, with the Department of Public Works and Councilmember Rebecca Noecker’s office, to no avail.  On July 13 we sent this letter to Councilmember Noecker and the City Council offices as SHA’s official comment on this matter.


We realize that this move will have a major impact on the residents of the Summit Hill neighborhood, and regret that we cannot, due to the timing, engage residents in our normal comprehensive process for a matter such as this which would have brought a City official to the neighborhood for an information session and Q & A, solicitation of public comments, and a recommendation from the SHA board reflecting the wishes of the neighborhood.


So, we strongly recommend that you do the following if you would like your voice to be heard:

  1. Review the details that are currently available at the Department of Public Works website:
  2. Watch for further details regarding pricing/costs which we understand are being made available next week prior to the City Council hearing.
  3. Share your opinions and any concerns BEFORE 7/19 regarding the proposal with all of the following:

Councilmember Rebecca Noecker: 651.266.8620

St. Paul City Council:

St. Paul Department of Public Works, Kris Hageman:

At this point, we have no more information than is available in this notice, but as always, please feel free to call the SHA office at 651.222.1222 or send us an email at to share your thoughts (or, cc: us on any emails you send to the City contacts above).