Coordinated Trash Collection Update + Listening Session Announcement


As we previously reported, the Summit Hill Association District 16 Planning Council (SHA) has been active in addressing this matter. When the agreement the City had made with the haulers was first announced to district councils the evening of 7/10, with a scheduled vote by the City Council barely a week later on 7/19, SHA immediately sent a letter to the Council asking that the vote be delayed because of what it felt was insufficient time for Summit Hill residents to learn the details of and register comments regarding the proposal. At the 7/19 meeting, the vote was delayed another week.

SHA immediately sent out notice to residents asking for comment, and based upon the response, sent a letter (SHA Coordinated Trash Collection Statement) ahead of the 7/26 City Council meeting indicating that it didn’t support the proposal, listing several reasons and concerns reflecting the input we had received, and explicitly asking that those concerns be addressed. We also suggested some steps the City could take to address some of the issues that precipitated the move toward coordinated collection.

Unfortunately, the City Council, including Ward 2 Councilmember Rebecca Noecker, voted to move ahead with the proposal, targeting September to sign a final proposal with the 15 haulers currently serving the City of St. Paul.

In light of this, and continuing issues that SHA gets calls about, such as the recycling program, pedestrian safety, and crime statistics, we are sponsoring a Listening Session with Councilmember Noecker on Wednesday, September 13th at 7:00pm at Linwood Recreation Center.  Kris Hageman from the Department of Public Works will also be there to answer questions and hear residents’ concerns regarding both the coordinated collection and recycling programs, and any other Public Works-related issues.  If you have specific questions you would like to have answered—or if you can’t attend the session but have comments—please send them to the SHA office at by Monday, September 11th at 12:00pm so we can share them with Ms. Hageman and Councilmember Noecker ahead of time.