Committee Updates – Get Involved Today!

Zoning and Land Use Committee Update as of 8.8.2017:

  • Summit Ave Bridge Reconstruction: There will be a public meeting at 7pm on Wednesday, September 6, at the Linwood Recreation Center to discuss the 2019 Summit Avenue Bridge reconstruction project. City staff and engineers will be available at the meeting to answer your questions.


Communications Committee:

  • Working on simple version of SHA logo for use in social media
  • Planning content for Q4 version of newsletter.


Development Committee:

  • For the months of July, August, and September, from 4pm – 9pm Sunday through Thursday, 5% of the total bill (before tax) of any Summit Hill resident will be donated to SHA by the Wild Onion. Spread this news with all of your friends and neighbors!
  • The receipt box at Kowalski’s is still available and ready to receive your receipts.
  • The annual solicitation to the neighborhood will go out in the next edition of the Summit Newsletter.


Pedestrian Safety and Traffic Calming Committee

  • Hosted booth at Paws on Grand
    • Objectives: – Hand out Motorist and Pedestrian cards w/reminder tips for both motorist and pedestrian responsibilities
    • Shared safe stopping distances an 20 and 30 mph. to offer a shared sense of the street
    • Add SHA residents to email list
      • Heard support for lowered speed limit to 25 mph
      • Heard support for flashing lights at corners and orange flag at corners
      • Approximately 30 conversations
    • SP Parking+ Parabolic Mirror Project:
      • Received call from local Manager Jim McPharland, 99% chance a half moon mirror will be placed on the NW corder of the entrance/exit. Manager will meet with the company engineer to determine the best location and maintain the aesthetics. The number of cars entering and exiting the parking lot is confidential
      • my guess is the gate opens/closed 300 times per day
    • Still working on content for The Summit – focus on blind corners
    • Goal to make contact with city staff working on Grand Ave pedestrian plan.

Environment and Beautification Committee

Committee meeting rescheduled due to National Night Out on August 1.


If you are interested in getting involved with the work of the Summit Hill Association, please contact