Neighbors and Parents Pitch In for January 22 Snow Emergency

After an unexpected 12" snowfall on January 22, neighbors of the Linwood Monroe Lower School were quick to see the need and help out.  Starting at 4 pm, it was clear to neighbors of the school that staff and parent cars were getting stuck.  Armed with shovels, they came to help--and then stayed until all cars were freed, checking in with school staff frequently to make sure that all needs were met. 

In the meantime, a group of parents from Randolph Heights Elementary heard that students were stuck at the school, called the school and found out that only snacks were available.  They called the McDonald's restaurant at West 7th and Jefferson, ordered 15 Happy Meals, and then picked them up and delivered them to the school before 8 pm.  Dr. Bryan F. Bass, school principal, sent a letter of thanks to these donors for their generosity.

Lori Brostrom