Dixie's/695 Grand Avenue Expansion Update

Dear Neighbors,

On behalf of the Summit Hill Association I want to thank Peter Kenefick, John Wolf and all the stakeholders for your engagement in our discussions about 695 Grand Avenue (Dixie's, Emmett's, Saji-Ya).  We are grateful for your trust in us as facilitators.

Peter Kenefick has reached out to let us know the property owners have determined that their expansion plans do not coincide with the desires of many of their nearby residents.  Accordingly, they have decided not to proceed with redevelopment.

Now, more than ever, I encourage you to show your support of their businesses and all of those on Grand Avenue through your patronage.

Future development of our neighborhood is an important issue.  It requires careful balancing of pragmatic business economics, property value considerations, heritage preservation, housing needs and neighborhood vibrancy.  To be sure we are setting the state for careful development and supporting our local businesses, I invite you all to complete our Neighborhood Plan Survey.  It is available on our web page.


Andrew Rorvig, President

Summit Hill Association

Lori Brostrom