1023 Osceola Update 2/15/17

1023 Osceola – Linwood School Expansion Update

-NEW – A Conditional Site Plan Approval letter for the above 1023 Osceola Avenue is now available, based on the Site Plan Review committee meeting on February 7, 2017. In addition, click here to see the site plan for tree protection.

The proposed development is conditionally approved pending the submission of revised plans incorporating the comments and plan notes outlined in the report.  Final approval of the updated Site Plan is required before building permits can be issued.

  • A public hearing took place on Feb. 13 at 3:00 p.m. at City Hall to discuss two variances that are being requested in order to construct an addition onto Linwood Monroe Arts Plus Lower Campus school building: 1) A building footprint occupying a maximum of 35% of the lot or 28,452 square feet is allowed, the proposed building would occupy 38.5% of the lot or 31,300 square feet for a variance of 3.5% or 2,848 square feet. 2) A building height of 30 feet is allowed, the proposed addition, at three stories, would be constructed to match the height of the existing classroom spaces of 47 feet for a height variance of 17 feet. View the staff report from the Feb. 13th meeting here. This issue is being laid over for a future meeting because there were only 3 affirmative votes, and four were needed.  No additional public comment will be taken when the agenda item is discussed again.
  •  The City of Saint Paul has made a decision on the need for an Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed partial demolition of Linwood School. Please see the attached Findings of Fact and Record of Decision, and Attachment A to that document for more information.These documents were also posted to the City of Saint Paul’s website stpaul.gov/linwoodschoolEAW. Printed copies of the documents are available upon request from the City of St. Paul.
  • The SHA Zoning and Land Use Committee met on Feb. 6th ahead of the BZA meeting, tentatively scheduled for February 13th, to review modifications made to the project since the previous recommendation was made.  The previous recommendation can be viewed here –SHAResponse– as well as comments during the EAW process that can be viewed here –sha-linwood-school-eaw-response.
  • The latest plans proposed by the SPPS can be viewed here – http://www.spps.org/Page/22925.

If you have any questions, please contact info@summithillassociation.org.