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Neighborhood Awards


The Summit Hill Association greatly values its volunteers, and there are two awards that are given out annually to honor those who have contributed so much to our community.


Good Neighbor Award

Each year the Summit Hill Association invites nominations from community members for its Good Neighbor Award, which is given at the Annual Meeting and Celebration to recognize neighbors who have given their time, talent and energy to the neighborhood.

2000: Molly Coskran

2001: Neighbors Opposed to Victoria Plaza

2002: Billie Young

2003: Mike Killa

2004: Lori Brostrom, Michele Cromer-Poire, Helen Buche, Martha Sheppard

2005: Dann Dobson

2006: Charlie Hardy

2007: Richard Dana—Jet Construction, Patsy and Randy Stinchfield

2008: Maureen Flahaven

2009: Jan Cronquist, Gabrielle “Gabe” Horner, Kate Pearce, David Regan—GABA, Chad Skally, Stephanie Steele, Rebecca Ganzel Thompson

2010: Lisa McGann and Greg Cruz

2011: Jane and Moe Ankeny, Tim Pramas, Doug Rzeszutek

2012: Margaret Horstman, Aaron Thompson—D’Amico & Sons, SHA Garden Task Force Members:  Sue Evans, Libby Furlong, Kerry Kelly, Laura Michelson, Kate Pearce, Julie Piazza, Cat Thompson, Margaret and Ugur Tosun, Corrie Weikle

2013: Ivan Fossen, Libby Furlong

2014: Marianne Jurayj, Amber Miller

2015: David Brown

2016: Roz Goldberg, Maggie O’Reilly, and Tor Cox, Rory King, Francesco Marchio, Matteo Marchio

2017: Laurie McCann Crowell, Phillip McGraw, Michael E. Murphy


Neighborhood Honor Roll

Every year, we recognize outstanding community members and volunteers from Summit Hill as part of the citywide Neighborhood Honor Roll Celebration. Summit Hill residents nominate neighbors who have made significant and lasting impacts in the community each year—and who they feel deserve special recognition. Winners are then selected by the SHA Board to join other honorees from across the city at a special celebration in their honor.

2000: Judith Gavin, David Heide, Samuel Morgan, John Siekmeier, Bill Skally, Christine Trost

2001: Bonnie Johnson-Alton, Charles Skrief

2002: Brian Alton, Jane McClure, John Wolf

2003: Lori Brostrom, Tony Ruiz, Val Stoker

2004: Ellen Biales, Jim and Jane Geppert, Roz Goldberg

2005: Merritt Clapp-Smith, Dann Dobson, Donna Swanson

2006: Maureen Flahavan, Marianne Jurayj, Frank Zink

2007: Rosemary Rumsey, Jim White, Todd Wichman

2008: Nancy Breymeier, Jaimee Lucke Hendrickson, Linda Winsor

2009: Charlie Hardy, Lisa McGann, Kate Pearce

2010: Tammy Haas, David Kegan, Ann Nerland

2011: Darya Lucas, Kay Raabe, Chad Skally

2012: Tim Pramas, Tom Richardson, Arlana Waughn

2013: Jimmy Fritz , Bill Pesek, Doug Rzesztuek

2014: Barbie Byers, Don Husband, Judith Gavin

2015: Donna Swanson, Summit Hill MOMS Club, Summit Hill Garden Council

2016: Roz Goldberg, Maggie O’Reilly, and Tor Cox, Rory King, Francesco Marchio, Matteo Marchio

2017: Michael E. Murphy