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Neighborhood Comprehensive Plan


District councils are required to update their neighborhood comprehensive plans every 10 years. This is an important part of their mission, and the plans, themselves, are critical to the future of the neighborhoods they represent for two primary reasons:

  • They represent the vision and goals for those who live in the neighborhood and serve as a template to inform city-wide planning with a strong understanding of local area objectives.
  • Once approved, they are incorporated in the City’s Comprehensive Plan as addenda and thus, codify the viewpoints and objectives of the neighborhood as the City evaluates legislation, development plans and other actions that can affect our neighborhood.

The current Summit Hill neighborhood comprehensive plan was the product of a formal process comprising almost two years of community input and engagement, as well as negotiations with City staff and the Planning Commission, before it was approved in 2006. 

It has since served as a guide to the Summit Hill Association Board in subsequent years on everything from zoning and variance changes and requests to committee activities to proposed City initiatives such as parking meters on Grand Avenue and programs to promote pedestrian safety, to name a few.

One important outcome of the plan was the East Grand Avenue Overlay District, which became part of the City Zoning Code shortly after the neighborhood comprehensive plan was approved. This was a response to neighborhood concerns about over-development of Grand Avenue after two large developments were built earlier in the decade. It outlines clear guidelines to limit height, density and massiveness for new buildings on Grand Avenue, as well as other design guidelines intended to ensure that new buildings do not detract from the character of this historic neighborhood.

Work on an update to this plan is ongoing—please go to the Neighborhood Comprehensive Plan Update section to learn more about the plan, the process and how you can get involved.